Setup logging in application.ini for Zend Framework 1

Today I had to look it up again: how to quickly setup logging for a Zend Framework 1 application. To make it easy for myself to find it again, should I ever need it, I will post it here.

A log is a resource that ZF 1 can load using a predefined resource plugin. That means that we can be lazy: If we setup a logger as a resource called ‘log’ in application.ini, we can use it.

But then, when I started writing this, I stumbled on this blog post, that does exactly the same thing, so just read it here:

What this post doesn’t show you is how to add logging to firePHP in the same go:

resources.log.firebug.writerName = "Firebug"
resources.log.firebug.filterName = "Priority"
resources.log.firebug.filterParams.priority = 7

Author: Bart McLeod

Zend Framework MVC specialist. Also interested in PHP, Zend Framework in general, Three.js and VRML.

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