Zend Framework Blog is written by Bart McLeod, the owner and sole developer of Space Web. The intention of the blog is to write about Zend Framework and web technology in general.

I use WordPress for this website, because I think WordPress is a fantastic publishing system for the web. It can be a blog and a website at the same time, and I use it as such.

You can hire me to help you or your fellow team members to develop their Zend Framework skills. This is better than just hiring me to develop your Zend Framework application for you. You can still do that, but the first option is obviously better. It is so much better because you will have people with exisiting business domain knowledge build on that knowledge with their new skills, and after I’m gone, they will continue to do so. Just click on the contact page link and get in touch.

For the techies, these are my fields of interest: Zend Framework MVC, Zend Framework in general, PHP, WordPress, ThreeJs and jQuery.